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Berlin's Monika Enterprise label, founded in 1997 by Gudrun Gut, is the home for a new generation of German musicians who have turned away both from the glossy world of corporate clubbing and the tired formulae of indie guitar rock.

According to the motto quality rules Monika Enterprise has now brought out well over sixty releases since 1997. So it is that ever more new stars have come to shine in the heavens. Amongst them are such exceptional artists as Barbara Morgenstern, Contriva, Masha Qrella, Chica and the Folder, Komëit, Cobra Killer, Michaela Melian, Gudrun Gut and Milenasong.

Monika Enterprise, founded in 1997, is the home of such exceptional artists like Barbara Morgenstern, the Cobra Killer, Chica & The Folder and Masha Qrella.

All musicians, assembled on the Monika label, hold a great fascination, because of their tearing love to music and the winning friendliness they share this love with us.

For the club environment there are various dance and IDM remix 12s; for those looking to discover something new theres the annual 4 Women No Cry series, which each time brings four more or less unknown women from the field of electronica/ singer-songwriting together on one long player.
In this way Monika Enterprise continues to keep its horizons as broad as possible and has established itself in a small but high-class international network as one of Berlins finest.

Its not a specific sound, nor a style, we call pop, electronic or indie, which characterizes the label Monika Enterprise generally. Its more the idea of music as a possibilty to express emotional and daily things and to grow with each sound you come to hear, while moving on with the music itself, which have all releases on Monika, in common.

"Once upon a time i had two goldfishes. The suicide of one of them inspired me to call my label 'Monika Enterprise' - in memoriam to my beloved goldfish 'Monika'..."
- Gudrun Gut

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Gudrun Gut Going Up The Country / Tiger

Gudrun Gut

Going Up The Country / Tiger

VÖ-Datum: 28.10.2013
Label: monika
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