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Momentum Records represents one of DBH-Music exclusiv Inhouse-label for Techno & Minimal Stuff launched in 2007. The dutch imprint is a subdivision DMOM(in the past Drehmoment), the label run by Alex Bau focusing on quality Techno from well-known artists.

With thousands of records in a collection that spans through many different types, styles and genres of music, certainly there have been many individual records which have left their own, indelible marks. There’s no doubt about that! For instance, Alex still does Depeche Mode nights from time to time, just for fun. But his activities with Techno don’t suffer at all from that, not in the least! With his 5+ hour sets at his first resident club in his Southeast Bavarian home area, the “Libella”, where DJ Hell also started his career back in the 80’s, he achieved the reputation as someone who was totally aware of what he was doing, totally dedicated to it, but also someone who was totally infatuated with it.

After starting his own label (Toneman) back in 2000, Alex also started to work on his solo productions for labels such as Chris Liebing’s “CLR” or the Montreal based label, “Default Recordings”. Montreal can be seen as kind of a gauge of Alex’s DJ activities! Within 3 years he was booked in Montreal four times and his set from the legendary night at Aria from January 2006 was even released as a mix-cd, “Live at Aria / Montreal” so that Alex came back months later to perform for the release party, once again a night to remember for the Montreal Techno movement.

Momentum includes in its back catalogue releases from acts like: Dead Can Dance, Egebamyasi, Milos Pavlovic, Swen Hutmacher, Mihai Popoviciu, Syntec & Quick, Jörg Henze, Rickzor & Rumme, Phoiod, Dubbler, Speed Progress, Drehkontrolle, Octave, Shi Buka, amongst many others.

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