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Moditech Records



The Moditech records is born from the idea of two Neapolitan young guys dj/producer: Alex Modigliani & Mintech.The concept base of the label are that one to propose quality music that differences from the big waves of poor music that currently they invest the world-wide market. Exactly for this the label is to the continuous search of talented producer , also in order to demonstrate that ?made in italy? it is still synonymous of quality. Currently the label takes advantage himself already of optimal collaborators, the next release will give the confirmation. The musical style of the label goes from techno to the techouse, and from techno-minimal to the minimal. The Moditech records is taken care also of booking, so as to value and to promote the own artists.The purpose of the label is to create a coherent group that with the constant effort to carve out an area important to know the electronic scene worldwide.

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