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MKT Records represents the Italian Minimal/Techno label based in Naples, founded by Markantonio.

MKT was born in the 2005. After the foundation of his first label the analytic trail, the producer Markantonio decided to create a new channel for a different concepts of Techno music. Even if they follow the same line MKT is the space of new sound. A label that looks forward the future like the first release in the 2005 “Future Shock”, followed by “Tru-in” and in the 2006 “Marléne”.

Markantonio is one of the most leading and renewed djs of the International techno scene. Flagship of Naples circuits, Markantonio starts playing with decks since he was fifteen; only four years later his talent explode in the beating planet at the feet of Vesuvius! So, in late 90’s Markantonio’s name spread around and enter the most exciting parties of Naples while record labels like Recycled Loops, Shake rec, Tortured, Conform, Superbra, get very fascinated by his tracks.

About 30 production released in ten years, highlight a solid and lasting power. Every single rhythm section is characterized by an obsessive care to details and sounds. This project uses its energy vocation in the research of a groove with effect on techno music; it’s an idea, an expressive urge which has risen the interest of the most electronic artist of new millennium.

The Italian imprint, MKT Records is all about providing a channel for different concepts in techno music. Looking forward in to the future of electronic music; MKT is a space for new sounds to develop, evolve and emerge. Originally created as a home for Markantonio’s experimental work, MKT has developed into a destination label for all forward-thinking techno acts.

After the success of “Debito” and “My Jewel” on the 2007. The 2008 was the moment of “Round Zero” composed by Markantonio and Joseph Capriati and the year after of “Got You” by Roberto Capuano.

Besides releasing primarly the owners’ releases, MKT stands as a home platform for a variety of other artists such as: Mladen Tomic, NDKJ, MiniCoolBoyz, Mars Bill, Hollen, Audiomatiques, D-Unity, Luigi Madonna, Flavio Diaz, Filterheadz, Raffaele Rizzi, amongst many others.