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mixmode recordings



Mixmode Recordings was founded and owned jointly by long time Detroit Djs Delano Smith and Tony Foster back in 2003.

Delano Smith was one of the first ‘mobile DJs’ in a city that embraced DJ culture early on, before Music Stores sold more turntables than guitars.

Emerging as one of the top progressive DJs in Detroit during the 80s, alongside the legendary Ken Collier (RIP), Smith mastered the art form while playing the underground and club parties that set the stage for today’s global party circuit.

After taking time off from Djing in the 90s to pursue personal interests, Smith began playing events again after receiving numerous requests from promoters. Smith began producing music in 2002 and released his first track, “Tribunal of Souls” on Psychostasia Recordings.

Later that year, his successful contribution to the internationally recognized Detroit Beatdown Vol. 1 on Third Ear Recordings inspired him to launch his own labeltoger with Tony Foster, Mixmode Recordings, to bring his music, along with other artists, to the global house community.

One of the original members of Detroit’s DJ collaborative, Direct Drive, Tony has performed for more than 20 years at clubs in and around Detroit. Performing with some of Detroit’s most respected DJ’s including Delano Smith, Norm Tally, Rick Wilhite and Reggie Dokes, Foster established himself as one of the founders of Detroit’s music scene.

Foster recently partnered with Detroit DJ and Producer, Delano Smith, on the new MixMode Recordings label. His debut release “The After Party” was an immediate success gaining him many accolades from his peers in the industry. Foster’s most recent release “It Is All Around Us” is featured on the current MixMode Recordings EP, “Detox”.

Mixmode Records is the home for a variety of artists such as: Delano Smith, Tony Foster, Norm Talley, Andrade, amongst several others.

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