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mistakes music



Mistakes Music represents Sébastien Léger's label based in Paris, France launched back in 2007. Sébastien Léger is one of the most outstanding artists in the recent electronic music business, an exceptionally gifted producer who is operating far beyond all the French filter house clichés.

His much lauded ability to fashion intricate rhythms from cold and lifeless circuitry stems from a classical background, but formal musical training is but one half of the story; having served his Ďapprenticeshipí in clubs around France in his teens.

Heritage techno might be an influence, but itís a mere reference point for Sébastienís productions and the output from his label, as heís always made technology dance to his very own, distinct tune. Léger is thoroughly 21st century in his delivery and execution, packing a punch that has seen Mistakes become a best-seller on Beatport, and an imprint that is defining a new sound away from the soulless beats and clicks of minimal.
The Frenchman has received a huge support in 2008 with his hit ĎMajuroĎ released on his high profile label. The single is one of the biggest releases in the imprintís history. "ĎMajuroí is a real Mistakes Music classic, both in terms of sales and also in terms of impact," said Sébastien Léger from his Amsterdam studio.

Over the past couple of years, Mistakes, has further strengthened his role as one of Europes leading proponents of contemporary underground techno.Sebastien remains at the forefront of modern EDM, taking his music to wherever dance culture shines brightest.

Mistakes Music is mainly the home platform for the owner release, Sebastien Leger, but it contains some collaborations with different artists such as: David West, Broombeck, Jay Lumen, JulianJeweil, Siwell, Joachim Pastor, Igor Krsmanovic, Heartik, and several others.