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Mira Records represents the London based music label founded in 2012 as a sublabel of Avian.

The british imprint’s debut came from Bleaching Agent with ‘’Truncheon Cadence’’ Part I. Issued as separate releases on Avian subsidiary Mira, Truncheon Cadence part 1 and 2 are further advancements on the unitive synthesis kickstarted by Shatter And Lose. As with their predecessor, the pair of 10-inch plates are both more focused and more uncompromising. A perfect example of this is the dense and brittle "This Whole Affair Is So Fucking Unfair." Donadio packs three of his go-to tricks—Ohio synth-punk decay, Institut Für Feinmotorik-style minimalism and Afro-futurist percussion—into a single, multidimensional piece. Go back only a year, and he simply wasn't working with this many layers. A similarly evolved sense of blending distinguishes "Rigid Pathetic Heaps" and "Odd Dog End," wherein thudding primitivism is folded into languorous dub techno. Clipped and reeking of burned metal, both sound like Deadbeat productions fed through a cheap-ass Yorx boombox.

Donadio also continues to thrust groove research to the center of his aesthetic. Though he has been known to traverse the ambient and abstract (see the Crushed Interior full-length), little of that exploration informs either parts of Truncheon Cadence. Instead, we're subjected to a radical onslaught of mangled syncopation, mechanized shuffles and technoid mesmerism. But what's striking is how he retains his love for grating, lo-fi textures, while at the same time his understanding of beat design only grows more nuanced. The result is an irreconcilable tension between force and finesse. The components that make up "Led Up Garden Paths" might be coarse and raw, yet in Donadio's nimble hands they unfold along three sublimely patterned planes: the subterranean bass wallop, the chorus of pressure-valve gasps and, smack dab in the middle, a vibrating electro-drone. Just as telling is "An Enormous Door." Here we find Donadio wrangling a chaotic tribal stomp into an exquisite loop punctured by backwards-smeared squeals that would sound right at home on the legendary Rema-Rema 12-inch. As with the rest of the Truncheon Cadence, the track is a testament to how punk energy and techno craftsmanship can successfully coexist.

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Zov Zov Ruin Lust

Zov Zov

Ruin Lust

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Prostitutes Truncheon Cadence


Truncheon Cadence

VÖ-Datum: 23.07.2014
Label: mira
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