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minus records

1998, minus records has been the home base and canvas for Richie Hawtin and a small family of like-minded artists, producers and DJs hailing from the America’s and Europe. Hawtin’s plastikman and Concept projects established the label at the start while inspiring a new generation of producers to join his side, creating one of the most close-knit collectives in electronic music today.

minus records
The musical and live experience of the minus records sound is a varied and unique mix of minimal Techno, heralding influences from the past with a strong sonic focus on the future, always integrating technology. A specific design aesthetic is present through the broad catalog of vinyl, CD, DVD and digital releases, accented with special packaging, limited editions and special promo products.

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Marc Houle Restored Ep 3 (Monoloc, Julian Jeweil...

Marc Houle

Restored Ep 3 (Monoloc, Julian Jeweil...

VÖ-Datum: 16.06.2015
Label: minus
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