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ministry of pies



Over fifteen years Groove Armada has become established as one of the planet's best-loved and biggest selling dance acts. As comfortable on the big stages as they are in sweat soaked basements.

Andy Cato and Tom Findlay met in London in the mid 90s. Groove Armada started as a series of nights across London. It was to promote these nights that they started releasing 12s for EAST LONDON pioneer 'Tummy Touch'.

An album made in a week, 'Northern Star', included the downbeat anthem 'At the River'. From that came major label recognition. 'Vertigo' their first album on Jive sold over a million copies and five albums followed on SONY and BMG garnering Grammy and Brit Nominations and sold out gigs from Sydney to Moscow.

A pioneering combination of performance and electronics, the GA live show evolved into one of the very best in DANCE MUSIC.

In 2010, the boys redefined the GA sound with BLACK LIGHT, an album which brought into the studio the blend of guitars and electronics that made their live shows so special. The band toured this album across the globe, closing at Brixton, a venue where they set the record for the most sold out nights.