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minimal rome



MinimalRome is a Rome-based collective and record label, founded in 2002 by Composite Profuse (Heinrich Dressel) and Feedback and devoted to the Electro music. Quite the opposite of a minimal techno label, MinimalRome is the Italy's imprint for analogue electro and rough
neo-disco, taking in influences from Detroit, Chicago and The Hague.

Created as duo in 1999, Composite Profuse is now the alias of Valerio Lombardozzi, one of the founders of MinimalRome. Feedback, alias Gianluca Bertasi is an Italian producer and half of the Minimal Rome imprint.

In 2010, after 15 releases, we started a new project juxtaposing the regular MR catalogue: MRX, a series for clubbers in sick-leave. At present, 2014, Minimal Rome has released 28 released, but the Italian imprint doesnt stop here.

Minimal Rome has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue containing releases and collaborations with acts such as: Kotobol Electronics, C-34, TeslaSonic, Composite Profuse, Nacho Patrol, Heinrich Dressel, Alessandro Parisi, Der Noir, The Hacker, J.T.C., Solvent, Polysick, amongst several others.

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