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Minilogue Records represents the independent music label based in Sweden, launched in 2008 and run by the band Minilogue.

Everything comes in its own time: a wordly wisdom that Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue take for granted. Since their foundation in the year 1997 they emerged to one of the most respected and hard to pigeonhole electronic music acts world-wide. And that not only because in each of their artistic expressions you can feel their effortless passion for what they do - whether live or magnetized on a medium. Also because they do not stick to any stylistic niche to mark their territory. House, techno, ambient, trance, and lately jazz are equal parts in their creations.

The most effective bunched proof for their musical universalism was marked in 2008 with the release of their debut album Animals on Cocoon. Since then a string of Eps on labels like Mule, Wagon Repair, Traum Schallplatten, and their own imprint Minilogue continued their story in sound in which everything is made out of the present moment. Also the jazz infused album Bring Out The Imps that they recorded under the alias IMPS with two jazz musicians and a heartfelt collaboration album with the Japanese producer Kuniyuki entered their discography.

And between all their work they constantly performed their intense improvised live shows all around the globe. Privatly they formed themself a life far beyond the big city lights, out in the Swedish woods in the north of Malmö. Here they live a life where the inner gets the outer and where their way of creating is far away from Zeitgeist zones in which musical trends pass by like seasons. In the past five years they met every now and then when it felt like hooking up in the studio, jammed on their equipment without a clear goal in mind and recorded each unique moment that was guided by the experience of the single day of life that marked their souls when they came together. In past months they went through the archives of their creative comments on our time, that been born in moments where time was not on the agenda.

In addition to providing an audio based interpretation of their vision, Minilogue have also represented their concepts visually. This is achieved via the creation of unique animals - a recurring theme throughout the band's life.

The animals that are used by Minilogue do not exist. Instead they are imaginery creatures formed by combining certain characteristics across species. These creatures are a representation of Minilogue's style in that their music is a precise concoction from different musical species.