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Miniload Records is an Electronic Music & Event Label, based in Hessen,Germany and created simply out of passion for music. Miniload Records has evolved quickly within its first 3 years focusing mostly on its release schedule.

Adrian Martin's work as the Label A&R is bringing together new, emerging talents such as Higuchi, Projekt Arlesheim, Luca M & Rhadow and renown acts like Jens Bond, Stefan Tretau, Tom Clark, ...Andre Crom, Martin Eyerer and Daniel Dreier into synergetic releases while keeping the flow for its basic artists rooster as, Doppelt Gemoppelt, Eleminal and Adrian Martin himself.

Looking back on more than 20 releases and while preparing future ones, Miniload made a first step into Event-Production early 2010. Taste testing options and impact the Label invited german recording artist & live act STIMMIMG to feature Miniload first label night beside own acts to tremendous success. Since then Miniload has embarked on planning a *Label Night Tour* while enjoying more featured nights with act Benno Blome and Tom Clark. Future remains bright for Miniload as some of the DJs biggest names enjoy the releases and a label night tour might be materializing soon so stay tuned, and be ready to get dressed and go out - dive into an experience that never ends!

The latest great release from 2013 is a classic pearl that find its way back to listeners in a fantastic remix package."Phonique & Tigerskin" are diving deeply into everything hip and retro-chic of the moment.Unforeseeable the way theyll go, yet you always seem to feel the chosen direction like a mental mapping, a tribute."David Keno" is taking the tribute in a similar, but more minimal direction. A strong departure from the original flavor is taking place on the "Adrian Martin & Highlive" mix. A deep pulsating bass line drags you to a darker path with the vocals calling for your soul.A part of history retouched by the history itself!

Miniload Records is presenting a well- balanced choice of artists laying hand on this fantastic piece of classic. "Phonique & Tigerskin" are diving deeply into everything hip and retro-chic of the moment. "David Keno" is taking the tribute in a similar direction but keeping his approach more minimal, nevertheless drifty and sassy. This version is the most intact of the underground package 2013 by *Pino Arduini aka Deep Bros* himself. A part of history retouched by the history itself what a precious! Find you preference or love them all, "you got it!" Out on MINILOAD Records!

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