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Mind Expansion



<p>The focus of the Label is to explore the sonic possibilities of psychedelic trance creations within a high level of production quality from artists around the globe to lift up peoples minds into a new and higher state of conciousness! </p> Mind Expansion is dedicated to encouraging psychedelic trance that guids the "crowd" into full force overdrive.<br/>

<p>We provide extraordinary, creative and mind twisting psytrance made by intergalactic travellers on their journey through "space & time". Mind Expansion opened its doors, collecting only their finest tunes in best soundquality as MP3 or WAV for you to simply "EXPAND & ENJOY YOURSELF.</p>

Mind Expansion is an independent digital record label specialising in psychedelic music that gives you this magical emotional feeling... pushing, pumping and kicking all the time to bring you pleasure and pain and to express every kind of emotion you can have on the dancefloor.
<h3>Activate the Engine, open your mind & Have Fun! </h3>

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Label: mind expansion