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mina records



Mina Records represents the label run by Masaya releasing softer, more feminine house and techno intertwined with vocals. It is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it was launched Whether you like music to dream to or to dance to, Mina will surprise you with each release.

After mixing in clubs and producing her own music, Masaya felt the need to go one step further and she created her own label. Aimed at providing a platform for new talents and remixes by artists such a Ripperton, Clara Moto, Sei A and Mihai Popoviciu, Mina will also carry a softer, more feminine touch, intertwined with vocals. Whether you like music to dream to or to dance to, Mina will surprise you, as even if many releases have already been planned, you will find that they are very different from one another.

Producer, Dj and label owner, Claudia Ayala likes playing with words in the same manner she manipulates sound. Her pseudonym Masaya refers to her surname, Ayala and also attests to her will to push forwards and explore the electronic world as "mas alla" means "further" in Spanish, which is the mother tongue of this young Swiss miss, originally from Chilli but established in Lausanne since the tender age of 2.

She has an exciting mix program on the prestigious Couleur 3 radio station, (the most important in Switzerland). Her show is called 'Atakama', a luxurious avant-garde taste of all that's new in electronic music.

From 2005 Claudia Ayala started producing and following a handful of maxis released on labels such as NUM, Perspectiv or Meerestief, she decided to create her own stables: Mina Records. "Mina" means "pretty girl" or "gorgeous chick" in Spanish. She explains "I wanted to nourish the feminine touch in music, be it produced by a man or a woman, and sustain the music I love by choosing and proposing it to others". Tribal vibes, hypnotic voices, seductive atmospheres - these are all things you can expect to hear on Mina Records. Among some of the artists she has signed are Swiss talents like Ripperton, Agnes and Chaton, as well as international producers like Rene Breitbarth, Pawas, Clara Moto or Sei A.

Mina Records has just brought out its 8th production: Edomite & Dorian Clein incl. Sei A & Clara Moto rmx - deep electronic atmospheric bizniz with beautiful melodies for the discerning ear.

The Mina Records label serves as a platform for artists like Alex Q, Andre Obin, DJ Maga, Masaya, Estroe, Faktor*Electronics, Mandy Jordan, Miss Jools, and many others to join in the future.