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mighty robot



Mighty Robot Recordings is a Glasgow-based independent record label that has been releasing quality electronics since 2004. The label has produced tracks by Ra-X (Angelmaker, Bunker) whose ĎOpium Dení series was showcased by Rob da Bank on BBC Radio 1 and licensed to Damian Lazarusí ďGet LostĒ mix CD, Voigt Kampff (Panic Trax) featuring a remix by Freak Electrique (Viewlexx,), Maarten van der Vleuten (R&S, U-Trax, Djax) with a remix by Rude 66 (Bunker, Viewlexx) and Lindsay-J and Sneak Thiefís ďOpen The DoorĒ which was licensed by a major French fashion house. Mighty Robotís first album (by Imatran Voima) was followed by Gladio and Junior Rafael which flew off the shelves at the end of 2007. In 2008 Mighty Robot brought you English Electricís epic ĎAuto Beam EPí and Dirty Hospitalís ĎLeave The Planetí. 2009 kicked off with Katelectro's 'Plug' EP featuring an Ultradyne remix. Mighty Robot has an extensive list of forthcoming productions by the likes of Hadamard (Bunker) and ex-Beta Band member Steve Mason under his Give Good Face alter ego. Mighty Robot releases have found themselves in the record bags of J.D Twitch, Andrew Weatherall, I-F, Billy Nasty and Dave Clarke amongst others.

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