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At the end of 2010, Nathan Burns and Elio Krass start Microzoo Records.
For the two Montrealers, the esthetic of their labelís image is of fundamental importance. Simon Leveillé, exceptional graphic designer and friend of Microzoo from its beginnings, is naturally attributed the objective of developing a graphic universe, representative of Microzoo. He creates an iconography around the bison, this powerful and combattant figure that also evokes the North American roots of the label.
Microzoo Records claims itself as a vehicle for the diffusion of electronic music under the highest artistic expression. The labelís mission is to discover the sounds, the history and the esthetics of emerging artists as well as the hidden talents of recognized producers.
The style of Microzoo is rooted on the dancefloor, somewhere between techno and house music, filled with pure sounds and intonations on rhythm, original structures and the subtleness of sound design.

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