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METROPLEX was founded in Detroit, USA 1985 by Juan Atkins. He recorded his first single on Metroplex as Model 500 with tracks No UFOs, Night Drive, Interference and The Chase . Metroplex is without question, the originator of Detroit Techno. Following on the footsteps of Deep Space Records, Juan Atkins' first label, it also preceded Transmat, and KMS; which were founded by the other 2 pioneers of the sound, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May.

For almost 20 years, the label was a pillar of the Detroit sound, releasing a wide variety of music, ranging between what would later be known as "Detroit Techno Bass", and straight up 4x4 Detroit Techno. Heavily influenced by Kraftwerk, and Afrika Bambaata's work, Atkins stayed very true to early Electro Funk, yet he fused it with a sound that was in many ways, very different from the styles that were coming out of NYC, as well as L.A.

The label's first release was "No U.F.O.'s", by Model 500; one of Atkins' most popular projects. This release is still to this day ahead of its time, and displays in a perfect way what Detroit is all about, and why the sounds that have been coming out of that city, have followed such a particular style of funk. "No U.F.O.'s" was a huge hit in Detroit and Chicago, and began to earn Atkins the nickname, "The Godfather Of Techno".

Over the next few years, the label continued to release a wide variety of material from the many pseudonyms that Juan Atkins was working under, including Model 500, Flintstones, Triple XXX, and Kreem, which was a collaborative effort with Kevin Saunderson.

Over the course of the next 12 years, the label continued to be a staple of the Techno and Electro/Techno Bass genres, releasing a wide range of releases, which included new projects by Juan Atkins like: Infiniti, with "Game One/Think Quick", as well as the classic "Phase Two", as "Audiotech". Some new artists to sign to the label during the '90s where Anthony "Shake" Shakir, releasing the record "Shake", DJ Reckless Ron with "Here's Your Chance To Dance", and also newcomers "Beyond All Praise", "The Vision", "Low Res", "Black Noise", "Rona Johnson", "The Other Side Of Space", "Chaos", "Matahari", "People Mover", "Mark Taylor", "DJ Bone", "M5", and "Population One", which was the only group mentioned to release an actual record a second time on the label.

With Metroplex being the label that in many ways started it all, we can only hope that this happens in the future, and that this time the label embraces what is now the global sound of Techno, acknowledging the immense influence this music has had on Electro music as a whole, and the many artists around the world that have evolved it into a sound that reflects the many cultures of the many countries that today release Electro music.