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Metro Recordings represents the London based music label launched in late 90s and run Jamie Quinn aka Matrix, brother of Matt Quinn aka Optical.

Matrix a.k.a Jamie Quinn forged an early path into the drum and bass scene with innovative releases on DJ SS's New Identity Recordings before launching his own Metro imprint in 1997. His seminal debut long player, 'Sleepwalk' on Virus showed that there was more to this producer than simply the 12" format and his remixes of tracks like 'Medicine' (Ed Rush & Optical), 'Phone Call' (Klute) and Kirsty Hawkshaw's 'Leafy Lane' have become timeless classics. In recent years he's also climbed to the top of the pop charts as part of the Goldtrix production team with 'Trippin (It's Love)' going on to add the likes of Tony Braxton, Annie Lennox and Robbie Williams to his growing remix credit list.

Metro Recordings has been home to some of the biggest names in drum & bass, featuring releases from: Optical, Fierce, Fresh, Vegas, Cause 4 Concern, Danny J, and many more.

In addition to Metro's solo ventures, Matrix has combined powers with Futurebound, teaming up with Viper Recordings on a series ofgroundbreaking releases since 2005, including the timeless classic 'Universal Truth LP' and 2011's 'Worldwide: 001'.

Now heading into 2012, Metro is set to have a busy year with releases from label-owner Matrix himself, along with new faces such as Chords on 'Hypnotize' / 'Follow You', followed by a collaboration between Matrix and InsideInfo.