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Metalheadz represents the British Drum 'n' Bass label founded by Goldie and Kemistry & Storm in 1994.

Metalheadz is a pioneering drum and bass record label based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1994 by Kemistry & Storm and Goldie, it has been home to some of the drum and bass scene's brightest talent and is notable for the high quality of its back catalogue.

Additionally, Metalheadz released the groundbreaking Platinum Breaks series of compilations, which were hailed by critics as the uniquely futuristic sound of young, multiracial Britain. They showcased a maturing genre of music that displayed the influences of reggae, hip-hop, house and techno and were highly-sophisticated and intricately-produced, contrary to the image of the music that had been presented by the mass media up to that point. Before their release, drum and bass compilations had been more closely associated with live DJ mix albums of varying quality, and the interest in the Platinum Breaks series proved instrumental in bringing the scene from its underground origins to the brink of mainstream success (at least in the UK).

The Metalheadz label was also the driving force behind the seminal Metalheadz Sunday Session Club Nights, which achieved legendary status at London's Blue Note club.

Today Metalheadz continues to stay at the forefront of the Drum & Bass scene, releasing both the biggest names in the genre and also breaking new talent. You can still count on hearing the best music the genre has to offer at it's club nights around the world, it's radio shows and of course it's label releases.

Sublabels: Metalheadz Platinum, Platinum Breakz, Razors Edge, Rufige.

The Metalheadz back catalogue features almost every major figure in the history of the genre, with artists such as Photek, Dillinja, Adam F, Grooverider, Doc Scott, Peshay, Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, Source Direct, J Majik, Lemon D, Hidden Agenda, Ed Rush and Optical contributing major productions to the imprint.