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mental groove



Mental Groove represents the label founded in 1989 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, owned by Oliver Mental Groove.

Mental Groove Records is an independant record label with more that 200 references from Imperial Tiger Orchestra's Ethio Jazz to Miss Kittin's road mixes, from Lugano Fell's dark drones to he National Fanfare Of Kadebostany's festive pop songs.

Sublabel: MG77 Recordings.

Mental Groove own an impressive artists roster thanks to the hundreds of releases on the historical imprint. To name a few of Mental Groove's favourites artists: Imperial Tiger Orchestra, Don Rimini, DJ SID, DJ Rush, Mononom, Phil Quenum, Crowdpleaser, Luciano, Gave Catanzaro, Water Lilly, Eduardo De La Calle, Kate Wax, and hundreds of others.

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Keiichi Tanaka Keta Iicna Hika

Keiichi Tanaka

Keta Iicna Hika

VÖ-Datum: 30.01.2017
Label: mental groove
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