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men in motion



Men In Motion represents the independent dutch music label launched back in 2003 and specialised in releasing (Hard) Techno Music.

The Dutch imprint is a sublabel of The Third Imprint, which was founded in September of 2000 by Sebastian Hoff. Also known as DJ/producer Promo, Sebastian was personally responsible for the first release on the label as well as being the creative mind behind the company. What initially started as a small record label wanting to release original and high quality productions, has since grown into a well-respected music company involved in many aspects of business.

Overall The Third Movement aims for professionalism, perfection, quality and excellent results in all related fields.

Men In Motion serves as a music platform for several artists such as: Kay D. Smith, Alex K. Katz, Weswood Bros, Innerdrive, Minimal 421, Hectic Hence, Jamie Ball, Jeff Amadeus, Broken Rules, J. Lindenthal, R. Russino, X-Tension and several others.