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Memoria Recordings



Memoria Recordings is a vinyl & digital record label launched in 2011. The label is based in the south of The Netherlands, in a city called Breda. The dutch imprint was founded by Fares Benouhiba, who has recently left the label, and the current owner Izaak.

With a small group of people Memoria tries to release quality underground music without looking for a particular music style or trend, and for the abe it has always been about the music, bringing quality releases and hopefully contributes to the lovely dance-scene.

In addition to the label, Memoria focuses on all sorts of activities, including organizing Showcases & supporting and developing talent within the organization.

Incredible is the superlative that many producers used to describe a Memoria Recordings release earlier this year. Itís not hard to see why is that as the Dutch label has already established a penchant for honing and releasing fresh sounding techno and tech house.

In a musical environment where it sometimes seems that you canít move for nondescript dance music, Memoria Recordingís back catalogue of uncompromised cuts from underground producers is a breath of fresh air.

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