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Meleon Music



Meleon Music is a digital & vinyl Techno, Minimal, House label based in Hanau near Frankurt/Main,
formed at the end of 2007 and founded by Danjel Esperanza.

Danjel Esperanza was born in Hanau in 1981. It was in 1996 at Sven Väths Lovefamily Park when he discovered for the first time a big enthusiasm for electronic music. Before he was listening to techno music in the early ninetees and as a little child music like Falco and the stuff on the radio, what was played in the 80's.

In the beginning of 08 he has launched his own label meleon music at first as a digital label which was soon supported by many great Dj's from the scene...After one year releasing digital, meleon started to release the first vinyls.....supported from Artists like: Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Danilo Vigorito, The Advent, Xpansul, Patrick Lindsey, Oliver Lieb, Mathias Schaffhäuser, Anthony Collins, D.Diggler, Joachim Spieth, Dana Ruh, Danilo Schneider, Shahira, Matt Star, Format B, Hakan Lidbo, Franco Bianco, Tom Pooks, Gene Le Fosse, Frank Leicher and many many more.

The aim of the label is to release quality produced electronic music focusing on techno, minimal, house and all kinds of these genres.

Meleon Music is an international platform for new artists as well as famous artists such as: Alex Rath, Christian Scheel, Caecilian, Nvelope, Daniel Esperanza, Michael Knop, Cur.I, MozaicFR, Servel Level, Ixel, Datasend, Bastian Knop, Alex Rampol, San Miguel, amongst several

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