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med school



Med School represents the London based music label launched in 2006 as a subdivision of Hospital Records.

In 2006 Hospital Records announced the arrival of twisted sister Med School. The label’s aim is to take you deep into the realms of electronic music as they champion emerging talent and push a unique palette of sounds.

With a growing roster of inspired sonic surgeons, Med School provides musical remedies that dissect the divide between D+B, IDM/electronica, techno, dubstep, drumstep, jungle and breakbeat. There are no constraints… from the electronic delicacies of Bopand celestial cathedral music of Unquote to the dubstep-informed tones of Lung and techno-influenced progressive melodies of Joe Syntax, as well as the precise engineering of new signing Royalston, variety really is the spice of life here at Med School.

With extensive medical training, these bassline scientists are doing the ward rounds and are graduating with full honours. The first exclusive Med School signing was Bop, who released his debut album “Clear Your Mind” in 2009 after the standout success of his single “Song About My Dog”. Following on from this the “Remix Your Mind EP” surfaced the following year, with remixes from Blu Mar Ten, Lynx + Hellrazor, Subwave, Thinnen and Unquote and in May 2011 he released his sophomore album “The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel”.

Next to pass the medical exams was fellow Saint Petersburg resident Unquote, whose stunning single “Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven” dropped in November 2010 and has provided firm foundations for his debut album, which is due out this Autumn. South London’s Joe Syntax then joined the roster after appearing on “New Blood 010” with “Expectra” and has recently delivered his debut solo single - “Signal Drop / Sightlines feat. Jono McCleery”. Cardiff based D&B / dubstep producer Lung caught our attention after the release of his track “Afterlife” and appeared on“New Blood 011” with “Relapse”. Alongside all this, early releases from such household names as S.P.Y, Icicle and Fracture & Neptune have served to bolster the Med School roster and we are constantly looking for new ideas and new sounds to push the label forward.

The New Blood series has led to the emergence of a whole new blood group for Med School. Kicking off with the New Blood EP in 2008, the release was so successful that the New Blood 010followed in 2009, with rising talents Enei , Madd and others donning the scrubs. The following musical injection More Blood EP saw Stray, Royalston, Synkro step up to the fore; whilst New Blood 011 was another success, entering the iTunes Top 10 chart on the week of release. In 2012, under a re-brandBlood Pressure was released, featuring artists such as Submerse, Mutated Forms and Frederic Robinson.

With plenty more in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond, let the sonic surgery continue…

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