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MCDE represents the Stuttgart music label established in 2007 by D. Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble) and P. Valentino (Faces Records). Focusses on raw, sexy, honest and soulful house music.

MCDE, which Danilo co-runs with french DJ and owner of Faces Records, Pablo Valentino, is focussing on house and techno sounds - sophisticated, emotional tracks which stand on their own and also have a certain longevity. The goal is to bring some emotions back on the dancefloor, cause whats a party without a feeling?

In times when even big labels struggle to sell 500 copies, MCDE`S ´Raw Cuts` series, released on his own label ´MCDE` (run together with P. Valentino) sold a few thousands each, and his other own label ´Four Roses Recordings` has been doing very good as well.

Danilo Plessows jazz-influenced approach to making deep house has resulted in some of the most emotive dance music of the last few years. Since his entry in the DJ-Kicks series in 2011, Danilo Plessow has kept a relatively low profile. And it's almost certainly lower than adherents to his dust-covered deep house would prefer. Luckily the Send a Prayer EP, MCDE's first original material since the DJ Kicks mix, finds Plessow picking up right where he left off. While not exactly groundbreaking for this guy, Send a Prayer sounds especially recharged.

"Send a Prayer Pt. 1" is almost bursting with thick bass swells, and its tart finger snaps sound like they could make the track pop at any moment. "Send a Prayer Pt. 2" is a touch more playful, trading in toasty deep house pads and a few critical sub-bass pulses. Recalling MCDE's peerless "Bassline Dub" of DJ Sprinkles' "Grand Central, Pt. I," "The Stranger" finds Plessow tickling your sweat glands with little more than a simple bassline and an insistent drum kit. And the breakneck "SP11" keeps things chugging straight through to the runout.