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mb elektronics



marco bailey founded the label in 1999. He started producing in 1995 and released many tracks on other labels when he decided he wanted his own label. MB Elektronics was born.

"Back in the days we had some strong releases from big names such as adam beyer, Umek, Joey Beltram, The Advent and Christian Smith ", Marco says.

"MB Elektronics is still one of the leading Techno labels, trying to select the best tracks for each release. Our strength also lies in the time we give each release to develop. We don't release records too fast after another".

The MB Elektronics family exists of Tom Hades, redhead, filterheadz, davy dee, Dany Rodriguez, Tonio and Marco himself. They are best buddies and that's why many releases on this special compilation are theirs.

MB Elektronics has many plans for the future. According to Marco they'll keep on focusing on good music: techno, Tech-House, minimal or melodic sounds: everything is welcome as long as Marco feels the energy back on the dance-floor. No hypes, no trends!

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