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Maybe Tomorrow



Maybe Tomorrow represents the fresh music label launched in 2012 and run by The Mole.

With his 2006 ĎIn my song/Acadianí being signed to a Sven Vath mix and a part time collaboration with Paddy from Cobblestone Jazz as the ĎSmokin Postiesí releasing their first remix on itiswhatitis, things were heading in the right direction for The Mole. 2007 saw further standout releases on Wagon Repair and late in the year a relocation to Europe, where heíd spent much of the summer months touring.

Today, The Mole calls Berlin his home. The years have been good and the nights are long. His acclaimed 2008 album "As HIgh As The Sky" contained the immortal soundtrack to our lives "Baby, You're The One". 2009 saw the birth of 7 Inches Of Love, a brainchild of The Mole and pal Kooch - these little nuggets that are cherished by the few that find them. 2010 saw him back with his brethren, recording and touring together with Cobblestone Jazz and the outcome was the aptly titled LP "The Modern Deep Left Quartet" and the recent blossoming in 2011 and 2012 of three limited 12" singles on Wagon Repair Ltd.

We reach the present - 2012 has seen releases on New Kanada and Haunt. Perhaps most intriguing is the birth of his own label, Maybe Tomorrow (co-run by Jon Berry of Kompakt). The creative process now becomes a reality to many ears rather than just his own. In his own words, "I always said that I'm doing this to give back to the community that I took so much from, that I learned so much from. I guess this is just an extension of that. And in some strange round about way it's also my way of thanking everyone, for supporting me and keeping me on this path. Wherever it's leading... "

In some ways all this begs the question of Ďwhy Bobby Orr and Rocked Richardí. In the end The Mole insists that heís Ďjust a hockey playerí. Wait thatís not right! He doesnít even play hockey. In fact, he can barely skate! But he does love music with a humble and honest gratitude that can be heard throughout his work.