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Maurizio represents the famed label associated with Basic Channel, established in 1992 in Berlin by Moritz Von Oswald. Moritz von Oswald (born 1962), who was one half of both Basic Channel and Maurizio, is a German multi-instrumentalist who went on to become one of the most influential record producers of techno music in the 1990s.

Maurizio and Basic Channel records are characterized by a 4x4 beats with dub-inflected syncopated synth pads slowly modulated over time, most 12"s containing tracks that take up the entire side of each record. Their work was influential for Richie Hawtin, Thomas Brinkmann, Robert Henke (aka Monolake), Wolfgang Voigt, and later through artists whose records were released on the label Chain Reaction Records, part of the Basic Channel family.

Moritz is probably one of the best and certainly most influential techno producers of the 1990s. Unfortunately, Maurizio's style led to a lot of clones and sub-par producers jumping on the dubby tech-house bandwagon in the early 2000s. No matter, the original sound from the master shines through even today. Deep sub-bass, static, a steady house tempo 4/4 kick, and those hypnotic dub effects make for some great listening. There is a distinct emotional resonance and timelessness to these tracks that is sorely lacking in a lot of the generation dub tech clones. Probably because they are using cheap software presets while Maurizio was building his sound the hard way with outboard equipment. For that alone, Maurizio deserves a place in the techno history books. If you are serious about techno music, the M series are a absolute must have.

Maurizio is definitely aimed more at the dancefloor -- the rhythm is more pronounced and designed to get your feet moving -- but the minimal aesthetic is still present and kicking. The textures go from subsumed to shiny, and the subtle shifts in modulation keep the tracks exciting.

Maurizio issued a half-dozen Maurizio EPs during the mid-'90s. Understandably, the Maurizio sound is quite similar to Basic Channel's, though Von Oswald is often more taken with pounding dub basslines and a somewhat cleaner production style, which gives his EPs a better chance on dancefloors.

The Maurizio project had begun recording in 1993, with the first release on M Records, the Ploy EP. After being remixed by the Orb, it was reissued by the British WAU!/Mr. Modo and even appeared on the second Excursions in Ambience compilation. M Records next released an EP by Vainqueur, then concentrated on Maurizio yet again with five EPs during the next three years.

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