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Matinee Recordings



Matinee Records represents the label launched in 1997 as part of the Matinee Group, one of the most prestigious nightlife companies in the world.

During the last years, apart from being consolidated as one of the main references in this sector in Spain, it has experienced a worldwide reputation with no precedents due to the success to its proposals.

Matinée group was born in Barcelona in 1997; it is a young company with an innovative spirit which is consisted of a wide professional team who are able to maintain always the 'Matinée Experience' at the forefront of the latest trends year after year. Its aim is to delight the audience giving always the best fun in the form of great events such as parties, travelling tours and large format festivals.

In all these years, the label has cemented its reputation as one of the leading indiepop labels in the world, releasing nearly 150 records by top artists including Airport Girl, Azure Blue, Bart and Friends, Bella Vista, Brighter, Bubblegum Lemonade, Cats on Fire, Champagne Riot, Charlie Big Time, Clay Hips, Edson, Ego, The Electric Pop Group, The Fairways, The Guild League, The Happy Couple, Harper Lee, The Hermit Crabs, Kosmonaut, The Liberty Ship, Lovejoy, The Lucksmiths, Math and Physics Club, Melodie Group, Monterey, Northern Portrait, Pale Sunday, The Pines, Pipas, Razorcuts, Remember Fun, Seabirds, September Girls, The Siddeleys, Simpático, Slipslide, The Snowdrops, Sportique, The Steinbecks, Strawberry Whiplash, The Sugargliders, Sweet William, Tender Trap, The Visitors, The Windmills, Would-Be-Goods and The Young Tradition.