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Other People is a serial label. Like a magazine, we deliver new content each week. Every Sunday, our members receive a new issue. Membership is a month. Label was founded in 2013 by Nicolas Jaar, in place of his previous Clown & Sunset imprint in 2013 and based in New York, USA.

Nicolas Jaar has announced he will be releasing a compilation via his new ‘serial label’ called Other People; and "like a magazine", he says, it will "deliver new content each week. Every Sunday, our members receive a new issue". Having bailed on his Clown & Sunset imprint only a year in, this should set up more of a project for the Chilean producer. At 17, he made his debut with "The Student EP" on Wolf and Lamb Music with a remix by Seth Troxler who called him " one of the most talented minds dance music is about to see develop". Now 19, studying at Brown University in Rhode Island, Nico has releases coming up on Circus Company, Wolf + Lamb and on his own label, Clown and Sunset of which he is the owner and founder.

DARKSIDE is the collaborative duo of guitarist/composer Dave Harrington and electronic producer Nicolas Jaar. DARKSIDE summon a hybrid of electronic music, psychedelic rock, and dancefloor techno with the sort of artistic depth and breadth for which the term “progressive” was coined. DARKSIDE’s first fulllength album—released on Nico’s own Other People label in conjunction with Matador Records—is called Psychic.

DARKSIDE’s Psychic is a watershed moment for the duo, a quantum leap forward from their 3-song debut, 2011’s DARKSIDE EP. At any given moment, Psychic encompasses the ritualistic structures and methodologies of krautrock, the cosmic exploration of classic space-rock, and the immersive, body-moving transcendence of 21st century house and techno—but, working with the finishingeach- others’-sentences fluidity of kindred spirits, Dave and Nico synthesize it all into a living, breathing whole. DARKSIDE are deep listeners and creators