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Manucci's Mistress



Manuccis Mistress represents a new label from Sccucci Manucci, bringing you the deeper and sleazier side of underground electronic music.

Kicking off a spin-off label entitled Manucci's Mistress, Sccucci Manucci are digging into further deep house goodies and sharing them on a cheeky 10" platter courtesy of complete unknowns Silk 86. While they may not appear to have a legacy behind them, the producer responsible clearly knows how to handle brooding, responsive deep house. On "Clear Waters" the key feature is a thick, rounded chord that pitch bends up at the end of every four bars in a hypnotic fashion. "Need Me" features equally engrossing material, not least the undulating bassline and sharp vocal snippets, completing a strong pair of cuts for contemporary house heads.

The London based music label is keeping secrets from your wife since 2012 and it already collaborated with several acts such as: Cassio Kohl, Purple Velvet, Urulu, Dudley Strangeways, Silk 86, Jack Fell Down, Squarehead, Will Beridge, Vorres, Mella Dee, Steve Huerta, amongst several others.

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MELLA DEE Feel It Out EP (12")


Feel It Out EP (12")

VÖ-Datum: 07.07.2014
Label: manucci's mistress
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Play Something With Words Ep (12")