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Make A Beatiful Corpse



Make A Beautiful Corpse is a record label and a booking agenc based in Stockholm, Sweden and launched in 2012.

We think the label should be the embodiment of our views. The music released here should be loaded with feelings, organic/acoustic sounds, warmth and be very alive, finding its way close to the heart of the listener. We are appealed by the greatness of being alive. We also try to keep a quite conscious understanding of what the modern society (with consumerism and such) is turning the individuals into, ripping the mind and the body away from our true selves.

Make a Beautiful Corpse is to stay true to the real self; be aware of and allow any of your bodies feelings, pay attention and respect for your origin (the nature) and live your life as you want as long as you do it with respect to your fellows. The name origins from the old saying "live fast, die young [...]" but suggest that you are the ruler of your own body and you should fill it with whatever makes you feel good.

The first release on the Swedish imprint was the ‘’Endlessness Ep’’ from Minilogue. In this release Minilogue continue their journey through musical landscapes. They invite us all to join them for a guided tour into a range of different feelings. The A-side takes off in a quite serious mood, with a rolling beat to get the body warm whereon an ascending trip begins which is slowly inspiring us to open ourselves up and welcome the feeling of Endlessness. Feeling at ease with ourselves after the A-side we are ready to take on the playful jam tune on the B-side finally arriving In a Loving Place, a place where we all are supposed to be.

For the second release, the Stockholm based label Make a Beautiful Corpse now welcomes its new family member. This second release made by the Swedish music artist and producer KAB is a brilliant sequel with a great soundscape and truly distinct beats. KAB, an abbreviation of his name Karl-Axel Bissler, has been active since the early 90's and, back then, released on the renowned NovaMute label along with artists such as Richie Hawtin (Plastikman), Speedy J, and Luke Slater. As long as you are ready to open yourself up a little bit, 'Reconnect' and 'Receive and Transmit' will bring you to a wonderful place inside you.

We thank KAB for bringing these beats to this world, every beat denoting another heartbeat in the life of the MABC label.

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Kab Reconnect



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Label: make a beatiful corpse
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