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maison d'etre



Maison DEtre Records represents the Barcelona based music label launched fresh in 2011. The Spanish imprint was created as a new house label to fulfill the the murkier hours of the dancefloor.....Moodier, low ceiling,darkroom- beatzz for the soul.

Maison Detre was born from the genuine urge of expressing. Expressing the true desires that chase us and the strong senses that owe us. Through its musical arm, Maison Detre aims for a slow, long life sound, that hits the gut, rather than the ear. A record label that's not concerned with chasing the scene and its trends, but goes on a journey on its own, discovering and building its world.

Audiofly duo, Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton, have spawned a new label fit to fulfill the murkier hours on the dancefloor. In a world where everything's getting a li'l bit lighter, one should not forget the bumpy and phat.

Through its production arm, Maison Detre peaks behind the glossy curtains and tries to bring some clarity to the often over-glamourised electronic music scene. Maison Detres short films and documentaries fill the gaps between the home and the hotel room and give a diverse mix of culture and lifestyle. Instead of the regular dime voice, Maison Detres films put real questions in real situations. They seek a collide of the soul and brain and aim for a truthful, meaningful result.

Expect releases from some of the main players from Supernature like Audiofly themselves, Fabio Gianelli, Pele , Mobius Strum (Leonardo of Kabuto and Koji-fame) and expect some new family members to flex their musical muscles in the first few months.

Maison DEtre's "raison d'etre"... Darker, groovier House music to keep the 4am Sleep Faeries away...

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