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Mafia Records



Mafia Records was born in 2010 by the great idea of Top dj/producer "Tony Mafia" born in Colombia to show the world a unique style of Minimal, Techno & House Music. Mafia Records has worked ever since very hard to give the world a very high quality taste of underground and dance floor music.

Bringing you a very selected group of dj/producers from many different countries, Mafia Records and its music is supported by many top dj/producers around the world.

Tony Mafia has been playing and writing music since he was a young teenager. In Year 2000 he made his first Tracks but keep himself in the underground learning new skills. In 2005 he begun really to learn to do mixes. Listening to the Best DJ-Producers around the Globe. Then He got into Live Production with Midi Controllers in 2006 using Logic Studio.

His taste for his Influences are very range From many good House producers to Techno And specially Minimal. Right now artist Tony Mafia Projects himself in a very international view of music and to reach his fans. His latest music tendencies and extraordinary work with sound give special power to his compositions. He works hard every day learning new techniques for production , new ideas and off course mastering.

In year 2010 he created his label project Mafia Records. He was choosen FAVORITED BY RICHIE HAWTIN on soundcloud. Tony Mafia has Reached Top Sales on BEATPORT.COM and many other sites. as also his label MAFIA RECORDS.

Mafia Records is the home platform for a variety of acts such as: Worda, The Mind, Alfonso Padilla, Dioni The Kidd, Jeffry Pheterson, The Mind, Cheise, Dani Sbert, Dario Davide, Tony Mafia, Greg Slaiher, Fallhead, Vasci S, Vito Buffa, Miguel Bastida, Mirko Greco, Ruiz Sierra, amongst many others.