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Label run by DJ TSUYOSHI Suzuki a.k.a. NUMANOID
He is the Owner and Founder of his Electro Label Madskippers .

Label concept of MADSKIPPERS :

Without a doubt "electro" is one of the best genre of today's dance music. The label experiments with KRAFTWERK sounds electro, electro house, funk, punk, rock etc.

This is very reminiscent of the early 80s new wave scene.MADSKIPPERS's promise is to serve the new wave, experimenting with new type of sounds.

This is the least that you can expect from the Tokyo new wave !

Signed Artists : Joujouka,Funky Gong,Galaxy7,DJ Rinko,VJ Kaz ,Mazda,Numanoid and more ...

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various click start squad v 1.0


click start squad v 1.0

VÖ-Datum: 02.10.2008
Label: madskippers
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