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luxaflex records



Luxaflex Records represents the Rotterdam bassed music label established in 2006 and run by Boris Ross.

Upcoming talent Boris Ross was born in 1981 and grew up in Rotterdam. At the age of 15 he sold his drum kit and bought two turntables and a mixer. He started to play in small clubs, but it wasn't until he got a job at the record store Triple Vision when things started to roll for him. He was invited to play in New York, became A&R for the Triple Vision imprint "Luxaflex" and performed all around town.

Coming from a hip hop and early house background, Boris Ross has developed an open minded view and a varied interest and taste in music. After started working at one of Rotterdam's most influential record stores and distribution companies Triple Vision, His career got a kick start. When his first release was picked up and signed by Loco Dice on the Timewarp compilation and his release with Taras van de Voorde became Essential tune by Pete Tong BBC One Radio Show, he proofed to be a steady and rising artist in the scene.

As a DJ he gained fame for his skills and quality uplifting and energetic sound, taking him to the stages of many respected Dutch & International clubs and festivals. Boris Ross' taste in music has always been very diverse, which is something you immediately hear back in his productions.

His sound can be described as a fresh blend of techno, minimal and house, all grooved out to the max. At the moment Boris is busy working on his first release on Luxaflex (#10) which will also feature remixes by Mark Henning and Enrico Tanabe.

Luxaflex Records stands for a platform of serious electronic grooves and its back catalogue includes acts like: Agaric, Eriko Tanabe, Bruce Logan, Space Explorers, Adam Craft, S. Elezi, Mr. G, Eidolon, Ali Kuru, Bolcher, Darko Esser, Dandi E Ugo, Sunchase, Jelle Kuipers, Boris Ross, Simone Tavazzi, amongst many others.