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Lørdag is a Norwegian minimal techno label established back in 2007 by Oscar. Oscar is a DJ/Producer/Labelowner from Berlin. Mixing functionable techhouse tracks with disco appeal.

Using a combination of traditional DJ equipment such as turntables and combining them with more modern techniques such as Traktor, Oscar creates a unique blend and style. He loves to DJ long sets, he loves to party and he knows how to WOW! his audience.

Oscar is also the head of the following imprints: Lordag Records, KarateKlub, Kol Mojito, Extrasmart and KarateMusik.

Lordag is the favourite home for a variety of artists such as: Rene Bourgeois, Andy kohlmann, Thomas Jaldermark, Terje Bakke, Oscar, Blood & Tears, Mike Wall, L-Jemms, Marco Fender, Aldo Cadiz and many many others.