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Lonesome Hero is the vinyl-only project spawned from a love of Technos vinyl purism by a collective of artists growing tired of Technos current cult of celebrity.

Very few people think twice about shelling out for a coffee at Starbucks, yet ironically, many of these same people refuse to purchase a single piece of music.

For years Techno culture was able to carve out its own relatively safe niche, thereby surviving somewhat disconnected from these value-based mechanics.

Sadly, Techno was inevitably sold out; in part due to the simplicity of computer-based music and DJ applications, but more so because this effortlessness enabled false talent.

Consequently, the Techno scene is presented with a countless number of unremarkable tracks hosted across a multitude of online sources – both legal and illegal.

Lonesome Hero is a vinyl-only label and was established for the record collectors and DJs who embody the soul and aesthetics of homegrown, borderless music. We manage and circulate Lonesome Hero outwards to small record shops and distributors in Techno's guerillan fashion.

Keep Techno alive! Support your local record dealer!!!

*** To see some more releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ‘’Lonesomehero’’.