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loftsoul recordings



Loftsoul is the moniker of renowned DJ Uchikawa Masahiko. He has been a DJ for more than 25 years, and is deeply involved with the Japanese nightclub scene since its early days. His borderless and genre-straddling playing style, from Soul, Jazz, Dance Classics, Deep House, to Techno tells of the impassioned MUSIC life of DJ Uchikawa Masahiko.

In addition to running regular parties at his club “Loft” in Nagano, (which has hosted Djs such as Joe Claussell, Jerome Sydenham and Glenn Underground) and “Premier” at Loop, Uchikawa has been recording tracks as Loftsoul, and collaborating with pianist Makoto Kuriyaas Rhythm Of Elements.

Loftsoul Recordings came flying out the blocks with first release Dear Friend with remixes from NYCs DJ Spinna and Glenn Underground from Chicago