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Lofile Records is a small boutique house imprint from Bayreuth / Germany, founded by Reilg and Marbod in 2010, and focusing on the deeper side of electronic (club-)music. The german imprint is the project of the two DJ friends who after more collaborations together, decided to take a step further and create their own platform, and the result is the electronic music-cultural home.

Lofile’s main goal is offering the artists the change to express freely their own art and style that characterizes each of them.

Lofile’s latest release came out in January 2014, and the fourth album from their back catalogue is from various artists. Five artists from Lofile Records and its closer friends have contributed to this v.a. ep. They take you on a trip from deep warehouse to cheesy harbour disco, climbing scruffy rumple techno until they revel in artifactual experimental spheres. Each track has its own individual sound, all 5 of them combined create a rich harmony that inevitably spins into your ears.

Lofile’s artists roster includes collaborations with acts like: Hans Nitzsche, Marbod, Off.Exile, Thomas Stieler, Wowmom, and several others.

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Marbod Faces (Johannes Beck Rmx


Faces (Johannes Beck Rmx

VÖ-Datum: 30.09.2016
Label: lofile
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • House
  • LFR005
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