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LNUK Records



LNUK Records or Lo Note UK represents the South London, UK based music label launched in2012.

Lo Note UK is headed up by South London based DJ and graphic designer Oscar Morgan and DJ Charlie Stewart. The hybrid brand’s ethos is pushing the best in new music from the UK underground along with producing crisp, limited edition street wear.

Both launching a brand and launching a record label are not small tasks on their own, so putting the two together is ambitious to say the least, but Lo Note UK seem to have down the job well and pulled both off. Launching their clothing brand with a collection of six tees titled “WORK THEM”, the brand seems to be pushing a very graphic design driven image that makes for a clean final product, popping with colour in a good way.

LNUK Records is the music arm of Lo Note UK; launching with a sampler EP featuring the likes of Numan, Hackman, Slevarance and Majora to name but a few – expect to see that dropping very soon.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.