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little indian records



Originally founded by members of anarchist punk band Flux Of Pink Indians), One Little Indian was inspired by the DIY principles and anarchistic ideals of independent labels such as that created by anarcho-punk band Crass.

Since its inception in 1985 the label has prided itself on giving complete control to artists it feels deserve a shot at a wider audience.

The early ‘90s were pivotal years for One Little Indian. In 1992 The Shamen recorded what would become a massive (and massively controversial) Number One hit in Ebenezer Goode pushing its parent album Boss Drum into the Top3. Björk’s Debut followed in ’93; swathed in forward-thinking beats, shimmering strings and spare brass, it became a worldwide hit and an introduction to one of the most innovative, vital and iconic stars we have. Almost 20 years later Bjork remains the cornerstone of the roster, releasing her hugely innovative and universally acclaimed seventh studio album/ educational project combined, Biophillia through the label in 2011 - its formatting as an app another industry first (the label also issued the first DVD single All Is Full Of Love back in 1999).

By the mid/ late 90s successes were coming thick and fast from rockers Skunk Anansie, country acid house collective Alabama 3 (who would later gain international renown for supplying The Sopranos with the soundtrack to its iconic opening credits sequence), clubby ensemble Sneaker Pimps and 50s flecked rockabilly heroes Rocket From The Crypt.

Fast-forward to 2013 and you’ll find the label continuing to host artists as diverse as Sinead O’Connor, Dan Sartain and HK119. Sinead’s current album ‘How About I Be Me and You Be You’ has been widely hailed as a serious return to form, and similarly we witnessed Cody ChesnuTT’s stunning comeback a decade on from ‘The Headphone Masterpiece’ with ‘Landing On A Hundred’, a collection of heartfelt, grandstanding soul anthems.

In the last year the label has also created a new re-issues imprint, the Totem Series which has so far released carefully curated reissues & re-masters from luminaries Disco Inferno and A.R. Kane with upcoming releases planned from The Woodentops, A.C. Acoustics and A Flux Of Pink Indians.

So then as now, there has never been a particular One Little Indian sound, but little has changed in terms of label philosophy “In the future we are just going to carry on in the same way” says label head Derek Birkett “We just want to carry on putting out records and some of them will sell better than others.” If that sounds prosaic, infact it belies a love of music, equanimity, and fierce loyalty to the artists that has now seen the label through 28 years - no mean achievement.

Key Artists: Björk, The Computers, Dan Sartain,Kathryn Williams, Marry Waterson and Oliver Knight,Ólöf Arnalds, Ásgeir, Cody ChesnuTT, Flux of Pink Indians, HK119, RNDM, Sinéad O’Connor, Stubborn Heart.