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Liquid V Records represents the UK based music label specialised in liquid Drum & Bass launched as a sister label to V Recordings. The british imprint is owned by Bryan Gee and it was established in 2004.

Gary Bryan aka Bryan Gee began his DJing career playing Soul & Funk. After the rave scene took off he began working in promotions for Outer Rhythm. He and Jumping Jack Frost then set up V Recordings and promoting the Movement night.

V Recordings is now well known for their Brazilian connection having dropped the Brazilian D&B anthem LK in 2004. A Brazilian DJ and promoter called Patife visited Movement while on holiday and after returning home and emailing the Movement crew to enquire about doing events together it was agreed that they should head to Brazil and check out the scene before they jumped into anything.

Having satisfied themselves, Bryan and the rest of the V camp started work with the Brazilian crew of Patife, XRS and DJ Marky, culminating in Brazilian fever that swept the D&B scene and kick started the career of yet another of D&Bs biggest names.

In the last few years V Recordings hasnt slowed down either, concentrating hard on their sub-labels Liquid V and Chronic and continued to bring through some of the best talent in the game; including artists like Artificial Intelligence, Cabbie and Utah Jazz.

Also singing Loads of Established DnB producers as well as many up and coming artists. Liquid V has quickly rose to the top of the Liquid Funk Genre of Drum & Bass, becoming one of its top labels. Some artists to gain exposure have been Basic Operations, Random Movement, Deejay Mosus, Alix Perez, Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance, as well as many established Producers Such as Nu:Tone, Utah Jazz (Producer)), Logistics, and many more.

Liquid V has become a staple in the Drum and Bass outlet forever.

Sublabel: Liquid V Club Sessions.

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Dramatic & dbAudio Skeptic World EP

Dramatic & dbAudio

Skeptic World EP

VÖ-Datum: 02.10.2013
Label: liquid v
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.