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Legato Records represents the long time running Belgian label established back in 1994 by Mark Varney. Mark Varney is an internationally acclaimed producer of virtuoso rock and fusion guitarists. He is most noted for his recordings with the likes of Frank Gambale, Garsed & Helmerich, Carl Verheyen, and Scott Mishoe, and for the groundbreaking MVP series which depicted Gambale, Holdsworth, Garsed and Lane in landmark guitar duals.

Mark's Guitar on the Edge series promoted the work of well known and unsung guitar heroes and was marketed in hundreds of guitar shops At one time, he was also a regular contributor to Guitar Techniques Magazine. In recent years Mark has turned his efforts towards video and animation production and now produces cutting edge music videos.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's the initial wave of guitar players let loose by Mike Varney and his world renowned Shrapnel Records had progressed to more major labels or joined recognised bands like Dave Lee Roth, Mr Big, Megadeth, Alice Cooper. Mike embarked on filling out the next wave with talented players like Todd Duane, Scott Stine, Brett Stine, Derek Taylor and Ron Thal.

Meanwhile Mike's brother, also a keen guitar fan, set up a new fusion guitar label, Legato Records, and a new concept label, Guitar On The Edge, a regularly released CD featuring the sizzling hot demo tracks or underground players that were floating around the guitar underground in the pre-internet underground.

Like Mike, Mark's label released a host of well received CD's that included players like, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, TJ Helmerich, Brett Garsed and Shawn Lane, in addition to other rising stars like Richie Hallebeek, Anti Kotikoski, Dave Martone, Guthrie Govan, Derryl Gabel and Scott Mishoe. The label ran for a number of years and then like all good things it came to an end.

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various legato sampler 2004.2


legato sampler 2004.2

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