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Laser Guided Melodies



Laser Guided Melodies is a new label based in Dublin and Berlin dedicated to raw and adventurous 21st Century sounds from anyone and anywhere. The imprint is a sister label of Fatty Fatty Phonographics.

The first 12" on new Dublin based indie label 'Laser Guided Melodies' (new side label from Fatty Fatty Phonographics comes from Berlin based trio kool thing. Laser Guided Melodies will do what it says on the tin, a home for all sorts of cosmic rock, modern electronic sounds and post modern beat-trickery, and there's no better place to start than with these hotly-tipped sonic adventurers.

Named after the Sonic Youth song, the band have been honing their sound on their current world tour with kindred spirits Austra a dizzying blend of gnarled blues riffs and My Bloody Valentine-esque bliss married to the wild technoid pulse of their adopted city.

Plan.Life.Go is their signature tune, a hymn to the redemptive power of rock'n'roll and the euphoric rush of new love, building up from a simple bluesy twang into a cinematic 21st Century sonic assault...

The package will also feature two remixes from two bright young Irish electronic things - a meditative, melancholic re-version by TobyKaar and a warped, left of centre house take by REID.