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Lanark Recordings



Lanark Records represents the British imprint run by New Build.

Al Doyle (from Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem) and Felix Martin (of Hot Chip) joined with studio engineer Tom Hopkins for their British electronic pop collaboration New Build. The three met while they were all working at Warp Records and started recording together in Lanark Studio, combining the styles of their former groups in the project's slinky, synthesized grooves.

For their first outings, Doyle played the role of the singer, however, he and Hopkins turned to a host of other collaborators, including vocalist Janine Rostron (aka Planningtorock) and LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney.

After releasing two limited-edition 12" records, New Build was scheduled to release their first album, Yesterday Was Lived and Lost, in March of 2012 on the band’s own Lanark Records label.