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Krischmann & Klingenberg Music



there is one group you have to know when you are interessted in the new hardtechno generation...krischmann & klingenberg.

they are young, innovative and forward-looking. they want to spread their very special sound all over the world. they will do this with their new netlabel.

you get just unreleased tracks and you just get them digitised.

about krischmann & klingenberg:

It was one of these fortunate coincidences that Bastian Krischmann and Oliver Klingenberg met each other. Oliver had to repeat a schoolyear on a bavarian highschool because of latin.

Then he tried his luck with the latinum again. But the guy, born in Thuringia and now living in Berlin, was registered in a wrong class, where he met Bastian, who came from Berlin.

Both were assessed into music. Bastian plucked on his cello while Oliver played on his keyboard and piano. From the beginning Krischmann and Klingenberg were into electronic music.

At the age of ten they started making music and are still doing that for more than a decade now. Starting with Trance and Hardstyle they tried to realize their ideas of making music even with the most simple devices.
But that seemed to be an unsuccesful endeavour. All they got out of it was a lot of experience. But in 2003 it happened. While working in a recordstore in Nürnberg, Bastian was infected with the Hardtechno-Virus and infected Oliver as well. With unbounded ambitions they spent every Cent on records and software.

They always had fun creating their own sounds. So it was obvious that they couldn't resist making a liveact. So they scraped all their money together, they earned with different side jobs, to buy their equipment.
The sound of Krischmann and Klingenberg is sometimes hard to describe. You can..t always classify their tracks into one pigeon-hole.
Sometimes they are pounding, sometimes driving and sometimes you will find some elements from Trancemusic in them, but always a lot of groove, absolutely crazy vocals and sounds with a lot of pressure in them.

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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.    

5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.