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Kript Records represents the Berlin based music label founded in 2011 and releasing exclusively only the Ken Karter’s releases, owner of the imprint.

Ken Karter was born as a musician and classical pianist. Already when he was a child he was passionate about technology and electronic music. When he got introduced to the world of Djing, he started to appreciate the techno sounds and decided to start a career as a DJ/ producer. At the same time he continued his studies in music, devoting himself to the production as Sound Designer and Sound Engineer.

Accompanying those paths is also added a strong interest in scientific disciplines such as mathematics, numerology and encryption and is able to put these scientific and esoteric interests in writing music, in cases where specific the same concepts, transformed into numbers and sequences take the form of sound and melody; born so 'Krypt Records record label based in Berlin, where Ken Karter has no way to be able to disclose the international music scene with his creations.

Kript was born from a concept and a time of life where a precise path, and a moment of transition from one point to another, also known as evolution is shown as a concept in the creation of these label where a sound is evolving , at any moment in total freedom of expression.
Ken Karter with this label is meant to represent the start of an expression which itself collects the sounds and the processing of electronic and experimental music with many influences of techno music.

The tracks follow a numbering 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 numerically representing the steps related to a concept that will be detailed during the releases that comes from the study of issues and numerical programming and a passion for.

Kript 001 is the beginning of a journey that brings together the sounds and the processing of electronic and experimental music with many influences of techno music as the concept of the label indicates. The tracks follow a numbering 01 / 02 / 03 / 04. There are no pre-defined templates and references. The freedom to use analog sounds like a live session. A quality and experimentation that are many years of study for this dark Ken Karter.

There are some artists who lock themselves up in the studio to be able to really express their art in producing electronic music. Ken Karter is one of these artists. In the second EP you can understand how much talent, ingenuity and experience can be hidden in a life of encryption. Here he shows four tracks where he goes from pure electronic music to the most advanced and sophisticated techno. Remarkable is the track that is featured by the singer FeX. High quality!

The latest release, Kript 432 Hz EP is composed by three Tracks: Two experimental and one Techno set in the middle of the vinyl. It arises with the aim to reveal a theme which has been investigated since many years both by the musical and scientific theory: the Universal Frequency (432 Hz).

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ken karter kript 432

ken karter

kript 432

VÖ-Datum: 07.08.2013
Label: kript
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