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We are Shadow Sync, an Italian leading Techno team, and we are happy
to welcome you on the web-site of KRD, our newly created label.
We have been involved with Techno since the early 90s and have grown
up listening to the music of great artists like Jeff Mills etc. We
decided to set up our own label because we felt the need to express
some musical ideas we have been developing over the last years. Being
really passionate about music we are interested in its technological
aspects and we like integrating in our creation the most recent
evolutions: indeed an extended palette of tools may offer more
possibilities and we like to experiment with all tools we can find.
This has led us to a quite original workflow, where old techniques and
gear meet more modern devices, where instruments are used in a
non-conventional way or they are modified or even self-built. Of
course we like computers but we still think we can be more creative,
obtain better results and have more fun using hardware instruments,
mixing through a real console and printing to tape. Music is made of
sound, it is its primal and essential element: that's why we focus on
the sound, designing every single patch we use and experimenting on
till we feel pleased with the result.
We have a composite background which has evolved over the years but
among our disparate influences Detroit Techno plays a seminal role: we
feel continously inspired by those masterpieces but we don't
misunderstand our roots with our vision. We go our own way in music,
we pay no attention to trends or cutting-edge beats, we just want to
deliver solid, soulful music.

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shadow sync poles / magnetic fields

shadow sync

poles / magnetic fields

VÖ-Datum: 11.02.2011
Label: krd
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