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Krata is an international record label based in Germany whose intention is releasing timeless Techno and House music with a wide range in sound and style but mainly underground!

Primarily started 2012 in Hamburg as a netlabel project wich shaped up very well the labels' headquarter now moved to the "Friedensstadt" Osnabrueck (Lower-Saxony) and puts its focus more on the dancefloor productions.

The label is run by Scott Douglas (Taer & Fehder, Einzahlpflege, Rabiat, ect.) who already is a producer, label host and DJ since 1996. Artists on Krata will gain from that experience, of course. We present their releases with high quality artwork, DJ feedback and global promotion! Releases will be available on all well known download stores of trust. Vinyl releases are planned for the future!

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Thank you for your interest!

Mi krata, su krata!

Krata Records